Lauren Kvalheim

Lauren Kvalheim hails from the forests of New Jersey with a passion for character-driven story. Always intrigued by how things work and an insatiable curiosity, she enjoys building stories from the bones of dinosaurs. Lauren has always been fascinated by anatomy and physiology, so reverse-engineering cretaceous creatures is right up her alley. Some of her more developed skills are character design, illustration, character animation, and storytelling.

Lauren’s work can be seen at

Amrinder Jassar

Amrinder Jassar completed his undergraduate degree in Information Technology from India, and moved to the US in 2006 to obtain his Master’s degree in Visual Effects and Animation. His last film, Side Kick, is currently doing very well in the film festival circuit. Amrinder is a filmmaker who understands not only performance but cinematic, compositing and the other elements that make for good storytelling. He’s immensely collaborative, and always lends a helpful hand to the other artists around him. Jurassic Park inspired him to work in Visual Effects, and his passion for dinosaurs led him to co-direct Dino Hunt with his friend, Lauren Kvalheim.

Visit Amrinder’s website at

Frank-Joseph Frelier

The majestic, lumbering brachiosaurus in Jurassic Park hooked Frank-Joseph on filmmaking. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from Art Center College of Design before moving to New York City to work as an Art Department Coordinator in the film industry. His passion for animation and visual effects led him pursue a Master’s degree from the Academy of Art University for Animation and Visual Effects Producing. He is currently working at ATMG Studio, in addition to producing Dino Hunt and a CG production of Ruslan and Ludmila for the iPad.

Since spreadsheets aren’t interesting, you can see his sketch blog at

Director of Photography
Adam Ducharme

With a decade of experience in the production communities of Boston and San Francisco, Adam has always naturally excelled as a cinematographer and editor. Before moving to California he spent three years as chief editor and assistant director for Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen for PBS. His client list includes ESPN, NBC, CBS, National Geographic, PBS, Google, Zynga, Oracle, and Current.

Visit Adam’s website at

2nd Unit Director of Photography
Megan McCarthy

Megan McCarthy is currently a Master of Fine Art students with a focus of Cinematography, at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California. She received her BFA in integrated media, at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, Canada. She works in both digital and film formats. Her films have been screening in both Canadian and American film festivals. She has worked on award winning films in Canada for the NFB and Bravo Fact. She is an active student member of the Society of Camera Operators

Story Artist
Spencer Johnson

Spencer graduated the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration, December, 2012. His focus is storyboarding and comic book illustration, but he has experience with a variety of art styles and media including fine art, graphic design and animation. He likes to spend his time reading comics and books, watching classic movies, playing video games and volleyball, and he longboards when he gets off his ass to do so. Spencer also enjoys playing with his dinosaur figurines with his four-year-old nephew. He has worked on a variety of projects; storyboarding independent short films, music videos, cartoon ideas, he has worked from official movie scripts, and now on a computer animated dinosaur short.

His work can be seen at the Art of Spencer Johnson

Story Artist
Angela Entzminger

As a child Angela Entzminger drew on every surface imaginable, ran around the great outdoors and watched enough movies to fill three lifetimes. As a grownup Angela still draws, still marvels at the great outdoors and continues to view as many films a week as humanly possible. Living in five different states (California, Texas, Florida, New York and Colorado) has enabled her to meet fascinating people and see fascinating things, all of which she distills into storytelling. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Communication Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, worked in the publishing industry for several years, and is currently earning her Masters in Animation from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. When she’s not creating storyboards, she enjoys hiking, cooking, screenwriting, visiting museums and studying economics.

Angela can be found online at

Story Artist
Casey Harris

Casey Harris was born in Redlands, California. He graduated from Art Center College of Design with a degree in Entertainment Art and traveled West to pursue his dreams of film, art and Angela Lansbury. He lives in Los Angeles with his Lego Collection where he works as an art director, writer and illustrator.

Check out Casey’s work at Dex Draws

Story Artist
Guillermo Martinez

Guillermo Martinez was born in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico and from a very young age he knew that he wasn't like the rest of the kids who dreamed of becoming police officers, doctors, lawyers. From the very first moment he grabbed a pencil at the age of 4, art became his happy place. The fire of art burned bright in this kid so the parents decided to put that fire into a flame thrower and point it somewhere. They took him to drawing and painting workshops. When he was 18, he got accepted in Escuela de Artes Plasticas of Puerto Rico, a school that focused on everything " fine arts ". After graduating from his Bachelors, he spent 2 years working as an illustrator for children's books until moving to San Francisco, California in 2008 to pursue his dream of becoming a professional animator. He studied in the Academy of Art University, home of the world renowned Urban Knights. Instead of focusing on basketball or softball, Guillermo spent most of his time pushing himself to become the best animator he could be. His hard work led him to a job as a 2d Animator for Idle Games. After working for them for 2 years, he moved to his current job as Concept Artist / Animator for Breaktime Studios. He currently lives in the Bay Area with his 4 dogs Akin, Javier, Alyssa and Marcus.

His work can be found at Guillermo Martinez Story Portfolio

Visual Development Artist
Miranda Middlewood

Mandy Middlewood is a dinosaur lover. When it became apparent that studying vertebrate paleontology was not an option, animation was the next best thing. She works at Visual Ink Creative as an animator and devotes her free time to short film projects. In addition to her visual development work on Dino Hunt, she is currently directing a short CG production of Ruslan and Ludmila for the iPad, as well as associate producing a stop-motion short film, Frog Bar.

Mandy can be found online at

Visual Development Artist
Liz Masters

Liz Masters is a spirited visual artist with a passion for creature design and dynamic story telling. Originally hailing from the East Coast, Liz now loves life in Hollywood, California. Also an outdoor enthusiast, she enjoys a vigorous hike, cycling, swimming and plein air painting.

Check out Liz’s website at

3D Character Artist
Aybars Turan

Born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1986, Aybars is a 3D Character Artist and Traditional sculptor. He received his Master of Fine Arts Degree in VFX & Animation from the Academy of Art University and his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Kocaeli, Turkey. He lived in Istanbul for 22 years before moving to New York in 2008 and San Francisco in 2010. He has worked on several animated and film projects, most recently Dino Hunt. His artwork has been published in US and European magazines. In addition to Dino Hunt, Aybars is currently working on his short animated film, Shahmaran.

Aybars can be found online at Juicy Brain 3D Artist

3D Character Artist
Harsh Todi

Since his childhood, Harsh wanted to become an artist and as this strong desire started intensifying as years gone by, he also realized his hearing impairment would be a hindrance for the fulfillment of his desire to become an artist. But one need to emphasize he never once felt discouraged or de- motivated with these inborn disabilities. He had a very normal upbringing like any other child of his age. He is lately cochlear implant recipient while he was a student at Academy Of Art Unveristy, San Francisco CA.

It was indeed a great achievement by Harsh, by completing his schooling from main stream and graduating from privileged art school from India Chitra Kalaparishad College of Fine Arts Bangalore. The credit has to go to his Art teachers in school for not only encouraging but insisting him to choose art as his major which had by then already become his passion. He has also done 1-year course in modeling for films from Takshaa Academy for the Artist, Bangalore India. A ray of light started gleaming steadily from his eyes which intensified each year and getting him more and more closer to realizing his long awaited dream.

Harsh set his aim so high that his ultimate goal was to master the art of Visual Effects inspired by watching many great films and he was fascinated by their technological advancements. He began gathering information on his own about the best schools in the world where he could achieve his goal, and today he has not only fulfilled his long lasting dream but also got his Masters Degree in Animation and Visual Effects from one of the prestigious Universities in the world Academy of Art University San Francisco CA.

Check out Harsh’s website at

Daria Eremina

Daria is a character Technical Director and an independent filmmaker. She came to United States four years ago, and since then she has worked and interned at such companies as Puppetar Studio, Tippett Studio, Cao Studio, Readimagine Inc., and Spitball Entertainment. Daria met Amrinder Singh at the Academy of Art University and has worked with him on a number of projects, doing rigging for various shorts including his 3D animated film Sidekick. Apart from rigging, Daria has been making her own short films. Her works include a super 8 mm film The Train, a stop motion animated film Gathering Stones Together, and a 2D film First Day at School. Currently she is rigging and doing muscle simulation for Dino Hunt, working at Puppetar Studio doing rigging, muscle simulation, writing tools for an upcoming Theme Park Attraction Film, and programming a linguistic based video game in her spare time.

Make sure to check out Daria’s Reel!

Craig Dauterive

Bugs Bunny, Popeye, The New Orleans Saints, Dinosaurs, and every lyric to Licensed To Ill somehow all co-exist peacefully inside Craig's brain. He currently works as a part time animation instructor at the Academy of Art University. He also draws the comic The Befuddled Stranger.

Lighting and Texture Artist
Jon Destoppeleire

Jon Destoppeleire was raised in Africa, forged with Bourbon, and sports more chest hair than a colony of Lumberjacks. Through his travels he's acquired a vast skill-set that is as varied as the lands he's inhabited. Among those skills include a detailed technical understanding of photo real rendering and pipeline development. Jon also f**king loves Dinosaurs.

Lighting and Texture Artist
Nicolas Nandi

With a wide range of skills in the Computer Graphics area, mainly focusing on Lighting, Shading and Look Development, Nicolas always strives for an uncompromised result within project budget and deadline. Nicolas has a thorough understanding of techniques and technologies related to CG rendering and compositing, strong problem solving skills, and understanding of shading, lighting, and rendering terminology ensuring a physically correct template-based lighting set-up, an efficient workflow and a no-nonsense pipeline. As a TD Lead on many productions, Nicolas is experienced in guiding the lighting team to create visually captivating lighting, and excels at collaborating with art and programming teams to solve technical resulting in a productive and creative environment.

VFX Compositor
Anteneh Adamu

Anteneh Adamu came the United States when he was seven years old from a city called Addis Ababa, which is located in Ethiopia; He loves painting and all things fine art, he came to San Francisco to study visual effects in 2008 and is now completing his final year at the Academy of Art University. Anteneh has been involved in high profile projects as a student and continues to work and improve his skills as a VFX Compositor. Anteneh Adamu is deeply passionate about visual effects and the process it takes to beautiful works of art.

VFX Compositor
Brandon Blevins

Brandon was born in Washington, and raised in Minnesota. He grew up with a love for the arts: from drawing, sculpting, playing in bands, and creating visual effects, he has always been seeking an outlet for his passion. He moved to San Francisco to pursue a degree in Animation and Visual Effects Compositing at the Academy of Art University.

Brandon is currently a Lead Compositor at Studio 400A, with aspirations of working in the Visual Effects industry as a Compositor and Generalist. He really enjoy all aspects of the VFX pipeline and tries to get experience and learn as much as he can to better facilitate, not only his work, but the work of his team members.

Make sure to check out Brandon's website!

VFX Compositor
Tor Andreassen

With a background in Multimedia Technology and Design, he came to San Francisco in the Fall of 2010 to get his MFA in Visual Effects and to experience a new culture of art mixed with science. He is in now in his last months of his MFA in Visual Effects where his main focus is compositing. His Film credits include: Fruitvale, Saving Lincoln, Bluebird, Recoil, and Advantageous. Tor was a Lead Compositor and On-Set Compositing Supervisor for the feature film, Fruitvale, which won the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award at Sundance Film Festival 2013

Check out Tor's website at

HDR Artist / VFX Consultant
Akin Bilgic

Akin is a Modeler / VFX Generalist currently living and working in San Francisco, California. He began his career as a modeling intern for Walt Disney Animation Studios and LAIKA, and is currently working for clients like Moonbot Studios, Rapid Eye Digital, Bully Entertainment, and the California Academy of Sciences. His work has been featured on industry websites like CGSociety, ZBrushCentral, and publications like Ballistic's Character Modeling 3, and 3D Artist magazine. When not building dinosaurs, he enjoys filmmaking, photography, design, public art, playing guitar/bass/drums, travel, road trips, backpacking, camping, rock climbing, snowboarding, making sandwiches, and generally enjoying life.

Check out Akin’s website at

Craig Northrop

Craig is an aspiring post-production guru with a sound mind for, well, sound. As a video editing major, he found the need to focus in sound when everyone around him was falling by the wayside when it came to the subject. Craig likes to help out in any aspect of production when he can and excels admirably when asked to do something, regardless of the task. Craig likes a challenge and the sounds of original dinosaurs, is right up his alley.

Craig’s work can be found at

Paul Spaeth

Paul’s interest in music started with a yellow dinosaur-shaped toy piano he wouldn’t leave for a moment – how apt! His parents opted to put him in lessons, hoping to eventually hear something that actually sounded like music. The rest was history.

In high school, alongside writing pieces for concert band and orchestra, Paul posted orchestral-piano tracks on the independent music website and ultimately received over a million downloads and accolades such as the Top Artist in Los Angeles.

After attending the University of Southern California for music composition and film scoring, he’s had the opportunity to work on several film, TV and video game projects. Originally from Wisconsin, he recently returned to his roots to finish a piano album entitled Redemption that will be officially released this year.

Listen to more of Paul’s work at

Bret Motyl

Bret is an award winning visual effects artist, and one of the creative heads at ATMG Studio. He has been working in the digital world for over 10 years. His skills include; 3D modeling, texture painting, surface creation, lighting, rendering, fluid dynamics and a wide range of scripting, in addition to web programming. Technically oriented, Bret prides himself on his excellent problem solving and analytical approach to software related issues. He loves walks on the beach and starry nights.

Illustrator / Graphic Designer
SarahJane Bernhisel

Sarahjane Bernhisel is a jack-of-all trades artist. Armed with a BFA in Animation, Sarahjane has an animator's background that is put to use in her main body of work for illustration and concepts, graphic design, hand-drawn typography, and interactive media. Currently she is working on developing collections for manufacturing to be used on consumer products. In addition, she is frequently found cooking, biking, rolling around with cats, drinking coffee, reading, and rock climbing. She is also a dinosaur fanatic that as a child pretended to be a pterosaur and would go on "paleontological digs" (through her mother's garden) searching for fossils in her spare time.

Visit SarahJane's website at