"We are a group of naively enthusiastic peers that are passionate about dinosaurs and vfx who enjoy sharing that enthusiasm."

For a bit more backstory:

In the fall season of 2008, Amrinder Singh Jassar and Lauren Kvalheim took a traditional animation class together. For both of them, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Jurassic Park acted as sirens that called them to learn the artistry behind the creation of animation & vfx. Ever since that first class, they have worked and developed their animation and story telling skills together. Inspired by fantastic ideas based in reality and the love of practical effects, they began developing their first dinosaur story.

More recently, they began working with Frank Joseph Frelier, whose experience and passion for all things dinosaur and vfx film production has turbo-charged the Dino Hunt project forward. Frank whipped their ideas into focused progress as well as added to the recipe.

In the effort to incorporate as much practical effects into the short film as possible, the Dino Hunt team sought out a director of photography for the production. Enter Adam Ducharme. Adam soon became an integral part of the core team for both his story telling prowess and knowledge of all things camera and lighting.

The Dino Hunt project is expected to be completed in the spring of 2014. There is a lot to do between now and then. What keeps us plowing forward is our excitement to have the opportunity to express a possible view of what dinosaurs may have looked like in the Cretaceous period, as well as everything we get to learn along the way.