Thursday, December 19, 2013
Cool swag: Dromaeosaurus 3D Print

Check out how awesome our 3D print turned out!

Our friends at Shapeways helped us transform Aybars Turan’s amazing (unfeathered) Dromaeosaurus model into a 3D powder-print! The 1/12 scale figure measures in at 16.75cm in length, and the Black Detail picked up the modeling detail with great beauty. Because of the nature of the prints, they are quite fragile. Some of the back and forth trouble shooting was due to the tiny "blowhole" in the dinosaur's body, which allowed him to be hollow.

Send us an email if you’re interested in purchasing your own Dromaeosaurus 3D print!

Monday, October 7, 2013
Thank you!

We never would have been able to film Dino Hunt without the generous donations and support from the following people:

Akin Bilgic, Alix Davie, Amy Kvalheim Horn, Andy Wood, Angela Entzminger, Anthony Scumaci, Autumn Aguirre, Benoît Rogez, Beth Sousa, Bhupinder Jassar, Bike Kefeli, Brendan Manning, Brianna Middlewood, Caroline Joseph, Catherine Tate, Charon Henning, Chelsea King, Christina Douk, Corey Rosen, Corina Johnson, Craig Dauterive, Dana McGuire, Dana Morand, Daniel Johnson, Danielle Mana, David Middlewood, David Raats, Derik Gladden, Diana Beckenhaupt, Douglas Ketcham, Paul and Eileen Frelier, Elizabeth Freedman, Francisco Gasco Lluna, Gabrielle Lasting, George Pafnutieff, Grace Sauder, Grant Kvalheim, Gregory Brace, Harcharan Jassar, Hayden Middlewood, Hayley Rowland, Heather Burgess, Hillary McLean, Ifer Jean, Jacob Robson, Jamal Coleman, Jamie Harland, Jared Cate, Jean Elston, Jennifer Dalkovski, Jennifer Parks, Jennifer Phang, Jesus Villareal and ATMG Studio, John Dorsey, John Schwartz, Jonathan Destoppeleire, Kamal Hatami, Kathryn B Whalen, Kathy DeCiantis, Katie Albitz, Keaton Tips, Kevin Schreck, Kristin Elmstrom, Kyle Miller, Kylie Halley, Lana Atkinson, Leslie Tincher, Lexxi Kosmides, Liz Masters, Madison VanDenBerghe, Malathi Iyengar, Mandy Middlewood, Marta Dymek, Mary Kate Dangoia, Megan Granat, Mendel Reis, Michael Lesniowski, Michael Middlewood, Michelle Constantine, Michelle Costamagna, Michelle Lai, Mike Cooper, Monica Raquel Pedrosa Alberto, Morgan Suhm, Mossy Moss, Naren Naidoo, Nick Walker, Paul Frelier, Peter Berry, Peter Chesloff, Priya Short, Rachel Driskell, Ramon Rodriguez, Rebecca Baldwin, Renee Calvert, Rob Short, Robert Ruenzel, Robert Schwarze, Robin Duffy, Roger Frelier, Ruth Baldwin, Ryan Lammers, Sabrina Van den Bos, Santiago Casares, Sarah Knowles, Sean Devaney, Seth Fowler, Shannon Hubbell, Shyam M Srinivas, Sparky Lurkdragon, Stephanie Hunsche, Tae-Hyung Cha, Tanisha de Matteis, Topher Salinas, Tyson Schleppe, Vic Simiele, Vicki Masters, Vincent Colon-Roine, Wendy Stenzel, Winter Johnson, Xander Saide, Yas Opisso

Thank you, Dino Hunt IndieGoGo supporters!

Monday, July 15, 2013
A successful film shoot!

Thank you, loyal Dino Hunt fans! Because of you, and the success of our IndieGoGo campaign, we were able to successfully film in Tahoe!

Over the course of three days, with help from 27 people, we had a spectacular film shoot! We had two units filming simultaneously, which kept our crew very busy!

“Herd Camp,” lead by Co-Director Lauren Kvalheim and Director of Photography Adam Ducharme, was on top a steep ridge where our herd of Styracosaurs grazed. From 6am to 6pm, under the blaring sun, “Herd Camp” trekked their equipment across the beautiful landscape. Just wait until you see the mountains!

Co-Director Amrinder Jassar and Director of Photography Megan McCarthy trail-blazed through mosquito-infested forests to film “Attack Camp.” The Dromaeosaur den was worth the sweat and antihistamines, as it was truly the perfect location for the end battle of Dino Hunt.

Stay tuned for some videos of our Tahoe adventure, so you can get a better sense of the production experience we all endured!

A very special thanks to Strawberry Lodge and the Eldorado National Forest US Forest Service for their support, and helping facilitate such a successful shoot! And many thanks to YOU, our loyal Dino Hunt fans!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Dino Hunt IndieGoGo Campaign!

Pre-Production is nearing completion, and we've launched a Dino Hunt IndieGoGo campaign to help see us through the live-action filming portion of the short film! We're looking for other dinosaur and visual effects enthusiasts to consider contributing to our IndieGoGo campaign, and help us spread the word!

Check out our Dino Hunt IndieGoGo page!

We're looking forward to sharing our Production adventures with you all. Keep checking back here for updates!

Thursday, May 2, 2013
Texture & Lighting Test + VFX Breakdown

Our 3D Character Designer, Aybars Turan, put together a beautiful test render / VFX breakdown of the dromaeosaurus he created. While these are not the final textures for the short film, the video is a fantastic representation of the quality of work our team can produce, and gives you insight into the process of compositing a CG dinosaur into a realistic landscape!

We hope you enjoy this peek into modeling and compositing! And dinosaur purists - don't worry. Our dromaeosaurus will be feathered!

Monday, April 29, 2013
We have a website!

Welcome to our new Dino Hunt Films website!

Through this site, we hope to show you the production process of creating a dinosaur short film. We'll have artwork, videos, and downloads to share as we progress forward. Keep checking back here for updates on the project!